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We are over the moon to be able to announce the we are running our wedding showcases in taffes in carlingford co.louth every second sunday for the whole of 2015..

This will give all our perspective couples a chance to see what it is we can really provide for your big day...Our diary will be on hand and deposits will be able to be taken on these dates to ensure that THE DIRTY HARRYS will give you a wedding day to remember


WEEEELLLLLLL, as we all now the festive season is nearly upon us and for the parties that are already lined up we have some great christmas hijinx for you all...So if you are still comtemplating your christmas party entertainment, why not drop us a line and see exactly wht we can do for you...


We would like to give our main man and drummer extraordinaire ,MR.JAMES MACKIN ,a huge pat on the back as he has been offered  endorsements with, the C.C Custom drum company, and t cymbals tc..Well deserved and we look forward to making more room in the wagon for all these new toys..

You can check james out with his side projects, in the mike neilson band and also at :

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